Pelvic nerve pain may be caused by damage and dysfunction of the genitofemoral nerve. This type of pain is called genitofemoral nerve pain or genitofemoral neuralgia. Nerve Pain is often referred to as neuropathic pain, because it can occur wherever nerves exist. For genitofemoral nerve pain, the damaged nerves in the pelvis are the source of the pain. 


The general cause of Genitofemoral nerve pain is damage to the genitofemoral nerve, or some other condition that has caused damage to the nerve lining. Other possible causes include:

  • Trauma of the abdomen and pelvis
  • Compression of the psoas muscle
  • Abdominal pelvic surgery 
  • Damage to the genitofemoral nerve when pelvic lymph nodes are dissected during specific surgeries 
  • Peripheral Neuropathy conditions that can cause general nerve damage


Genitofemoral nerve pain, like any other neuropathic pain, is sharp, shooting and throbbing. The pain may be felt in the abdomen, lower back or between the legs. It may be persistent or come and go. Some people report that Genitofemoral nerve pain is more intense when they are lying down.