Pain management

Pain management (also referred to as pain medicine) is a branch of medicine that focuses on treating pain and improving function so that patients can have a better quality of life. There are many treatment options available for pain, however, you will need to need to see a doctor to determine what is causing your pain and which approach is most effective for treating it. With the right combination of treatments, you can get the relief you need.

Paradigm Pain and Spine’s physicians are highly specialized in diagnosing pain and creating individualized treatment plans to effectively treat patients suffering from acute, sub-acute and chronic pain. Our doctors are at the forefront of their field, and they bring our patients the newest treatments in pain care.

Getting a Pain Evaluation

If you are unable to control your pain with over-the-counter medications or have found other treatments recommended by your doctor to be unsuccessful, a pain management physician may be able to help you. Our specialists have years of experience treating pain and are board-certified in Pain Medicine, Interventional Pain Management and Anesthesia.

For your initial consultation, one of our physicians will review your medical history and perform a physical examination. They may ask you to describe your pain – for example, what makes it better or worse; how it has changed since it first started; and what other symptoms are associated with it (e.g. weakness or nausea). If you have a pain diary, bring it with you to your appointment.
Imaging tests, such as an X-ray, CT scan or MRI, may be necessary in order to diagnose the cause of your pain. Injections or nerve blocks may also be used for diagnostic purposes. The doctor will discuss these tests with you if he feels you need them.

Treatment Options for Pain

Your treatment plan will vary based on your condition. Some factors that may determine how we go about treating or managing your pain include where your pain is located, what is causing it, and how long your symptoms have been present. We also take your personal medical history into account when developing a treatment plan, as not all patients will react similarly to a specific treatment. Learn more about the types of pain we treat and the treatments we offer.