The Corner Loc SI joint Fusion System is a posterior approach procedure that is specifically designed to achieve optimal stabilisation and fusion potential. It is the least invasive approach and surgical instrumentation available with very low risk of neural and postoperative complications. 

This procedure treats the SI joint instability and pain symptoms. As the SI joint is the foundation of the spine, it is designed to absorb shock forces. 

Most common causes of SI joint instability are: Arthritis, prior injury, low back instability, prior low back surgery or loosening of ligaments during Pregnancy. 

Common symptoms of SI Joint instability Include:

  • Low back pain
  • Pelvis/buttock pain
  • Lower extremity pain
  • Hip/groin pain
  • Problems sitting, sleeping, or walking.


The Corner Loc procedure is performed via two small incisions in the lower back as the shortest and safest way to reach the SI joint. After preparing the SI Joint, two Corner Loc grafts are placed in it orthogonally, immediately creating effective joint stability and perfect environment for fusion. 

There are two types of SI joint fusions:

  • Lateral SI Joint fusion which uses the side approach, driving metal hardware through the deep soft tissue on the side of the hip. This procedure has risks of neural complications and usually is more destructive to the bone structures of the SI joint. 
  • The Corner Loc joint fusion, which is done via posterior approach and two small incisions on the lower back. The result is low surgical trauma, reduced blood loss, short surgery and fast recovery.