Aesthetic injectables also known as dermal fillers are one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine. They are a great substitute for various surgical techniques mostly because the results are immediate, at a lower cost and with short recovery period. 

Injectable aesthetic treatments are chosen as a fast solution for reducing wrinkles and achieving smoother looking skin. Some conditions may require more than one injectable to achieve the desired effect. Usually the effects of the injectables last for about six months or longer. Successful results depend on the condition and health of the patient’s skin, the skill of the aesthetic provider and the type of treatment that is used. In addition, various types of injectables can be used for body remodeling, for example patients that require breast remodeling or patients with bow legs.  

Aesthetic injectables can be prescribed only by a medical practitioner or a nurse practitioner. After having the cosmetic injection it is common to experience local pain, tenderness and bruising. 


Excessive sun exposure to any part of the body over a period of time causes skin damage. Facial wrinkles, dryness, sagging, growths and liver spots are the most common results from excessive exposure to sunlight. Additionally, smoking cigarettes and inherited factors can contribute to these skin damage conditions. 

People often turn to aesthetic medical treatments to counter these signs of aging. Medical aesthetics procedures are minimally invasive cosmetic treatments specially made to enhance the patient{s satisfaction with their physical appearance.