Iliotibial Band pain is an overuse of the connective tissue that is located on the outer part of the thigh and knee. The iliotibial band (IT band) is a thick band that consists of a group of fibers that run from the hip to the top of the shin. With overuse the IT band can become tight making the band rub against the outside of the knee. This rubbing of the IT band can lead to pain and swelling, known as the Iliotibial Band Pain syndrome.


Iliotibial Band Pain is usually caused by repetitive bending of the knee during physical activities such as running, cycling, climbing or swimming. Overuse of the IT band is often seen in long distance runners or people running on uneven surfaces. 
Predisposing factors such as leg length discrepancy or foot pronation can lead to the condition as well. 


The symptoms usually start at the beginning of the physical activity and get worse if the person continues with the activity that is causing the pain. 

  • Swelling
  • Snapping, popping or clicking sensation in the knee
  • Tenderness of the knee and buttocks
  • Pain after exercise
  • Redness and warmth around the knee 


Iliotibial Band Pain is relatively easy to treat. Most treatment options include either reduction of the pain and swelling or stretching to prevent further injury. 
Most common treatments are:

  • Rest 
  • Ice application
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Corticosteroid Injection
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage